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Re-Create Your Life after Loss


Could You Be Happy This Holiday?

Join us for a 6-part series starting November 16

Happy Though the Holidays



Is it possible?

Loss or no loss...the winter holidays can be filled with hurt and disappointment.  Is there hope?

There is! 

But...you have to be willing to accept a courageous mission to make this holiday a happy experience.

The mission? 

Enroll in this 6-part holiday series and learn 6 key coaching concepts that will help you change your perspective, get more comfortable with your choices, re-discover your personal power, joy, and passion, and bring gratitude back into your life.  And do it all by January 4, 2018.

Accept this mission now and get on your way to being Happy Though the Holidays this year.

CLICK HERE to accept this mission.

As always...you are welcome to sign up for a free consultation to talk more about your situation and receive immediate support.

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Live Happily Ever After Loss

If you have experienced the painful loss of a relationship, job, or loved one...living happily ever after may seem like an impossible dream.

But living happily ever after is not just for fairy tales.  No matter what losses are behind you or changes are ahead of you, you can create your own happily-ever-after-life.  The secret is...

We all know some people shrivel up and emotionally die from emotional trauma.   And we know that inside us is the divine power to overcome and choose a life-enriching vibrant future.  Susan helped me gather myself, dust off the hurt, and live.



Rarely does someone lead me to the edge of my comfort zone. Not only does Susan confidently take me to the edge, she has me face the darkness, then helps me open my eyes so I can see what was once hidden. It's completely uncomfortable and entirely necessary for me to connect with my personal history and story.

Dawn Nocera

Luminary Coach and Author, USA

I started working with Susan [when] I suffered from anxiety/depression, lacked confidence, and didn’t have much direction for how I was going to start tackling these issues.

With Susan’s help, I have improved in these areas tremendously! She has helped me see things through a completely new perspective. She brings so much passion to our sessions and gets a ton of happiness when we reach new mile markers. Her passion and excitement for our work actually motivate me to keep reaching my goals!


University Student