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Is it possible...

Your shell is too small?

What could we learn from kids and crabs?

When we were kids, we looked forward to growing and changing.  Excited that we would not stay the same.  Not be stuck always small and dependent.  We knew growing and changing would allow us greater privileges and opportunities.

Something strange happens as we get older.  We start to cling to who we are and what we have.  Instead of being excited about the changes that are happening inside of us...we might choose to run away, resist, or even retaliate and ruin the lives and relationships we have worked so hard to create.

Crabs are a lot like kids.  They have a natural response to their growth.  Once the "call of Nature" comes in, they leave their shells and look for new ones that can better accommodate their growth and development. 

If they don't answer that call.  If they resist.  Pretend it's not happening. 

They could die.

That can happen to us, too.  If we wait too long, get too stuck, feel too frustrated...we may make irreversible mistakes that can take away the things and people we love.

Click here to learn more about ways to tell if it's time to make your move to a new "shell" (AKA your new personal paradigm).

We all know some people shrivel up and emotionally die from emotional trauma.   And we know that inside us is the divine power to overcome and choose a life-enriching vibrant future.  Susan helped me gather myself, dust off the hurt, and live.



I started working with Susan [when] I suffered from anxiety/depression, lacked confidence, and didn’t have much direction for how I was going to start tackling these issues.With Susan’s help, I have improved in these areas tremendously!

She has helped me see things through a completely new perspective. She brings so much passion to our sessions and gets a ton of happiness when we reach new mile markers. Her passion and excitement for our work actually motivate me to keep reaching my goals!


University Student

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