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Susan L. Westbrook, Ph.D. is a researcher, teacher, author, and coach committed to helping her readers and clients take greater control of their lives and their happiness by being responsive to the changes and losses they experience.

Beginning her career as a scientist and educator, Susan spent 30 years working in, researching, and consulting with educational systems.  During that time, she helped create better teaching and learning environments for hundreds of students and teachers.  That work culminated in a charter high school for at-risk students which Susan founded and directed.

For the past 12 years, Susan has taken her expertise and success in educational systems into the realm of personal growth and healing.  In pursuit of that work, she trained as a personal coach and leader, a high and low “ropes” facilitator, and a Reiki Master. 

Susan now blends her love of research and teaching with her passion for helping people experience greater happiness and success in their lives.  She believes change and loss open windows that give us a bigger vision of who we are created to be.

Susan investigates and writes about the mindsets and strategies that can help us most effectively and successfully deal with the inevitable changes and losses we experience in our lives.

Described as a “gifted life coach, mentor, and teacher” and “lighthouse” by her clients, Susan is committed to helping her clients and readers create the conditions for their success and happiness by taking responsibility for and welcoming the changes that inevitably come.

Susan is the author of The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life (2014), where she combined transformative personal change concepts with a practice of an ancient yoga-like exercise.  Her upcoming book, Dreams Lost, Wings Found: The Secret to Creating Happiness after Heartbreak (2018), focuses on dealing with, healing from, and moving forward after loss or significant change.

Susan is the mother of two extraordinary adult children (Jenny and Aaron) and three amazing grandsons (Ben, Ace, and Owen).  She lives with her extraordinarily supportive partner in northwestern Colorado.

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I was trained as a scientist and a researcher.

How does help you as my client or reader?

It tells you I am curious.  That I make observations, try out my hunches, and then apply what I learn to the way I coach and what I write about.

And...that once I think I have found a new answer or way of thinking...I will start the process all over again...testing it out and pushing the boundaries on what is possible.

That means when I encourage you to experience your life as an know I am a fellow inquirer doing the same thing.


I was a teacher, school director, and University Professor for 30 years.  I created a school for at-risk high school students.

I have worked with all kinds of people individually and in systems.  Education is an environment that is always in flux.  Where ideas and strategies are always under scrutiny. 

It is a profession of best practices and constant evolution. Successful educators utilize effective strategies and they also keep digging in and exploring what could work even better.

As a science teacher and science educator, I was dedicated to designing curriculum and educational environments that would best serve the long-term intellectual and personal development of both teachers and students.

As a school developer, I was committed to busting all the common "myths" about schools and learning.  Instead of emphasizing testing scores, we put our focus on helping students develop personally, use their gifts, and experience success in school and life.  Now connected to those students who are adults with their own careers and families...I know we were successful...because they are.  

I bring that mindset into both coaching and writing.  I am committed to implementing ground-breaking approaches that give my clients and readers an edge...and I am always learning and looking for even better ways to serve them.


I am a professional coach.  I feel fortunate to have learned and worked with some of the most successful coaches in the US.

My early training was with the Coaches Training Institute coaching program and leadership program.

More recently, I spent two years becoming a "Great Story" coach (Lucid Living) and deepening my understanding of the importance of emotional mastery in personal transformation.

Being a "coach" means I am committed to helping my clients get from "here" to "there."  To do that I hold them as resourceful, whole, capable people.  I also create a container of total love and acceptance in which they can explore all the possibilities that are available to them.

As a "Rapid Results Coach"...I champion my clients to make rapid changes in their mindsets so they can experience immediate relief and then, if needed, move forward to radically reform their lifestyles and circumstances.

Got Trauma?  Get Susan...

Susan has helped me navigate the most traumatic event in my life.  I found working with Susan to be invaluable in helping me focus, find my purpose, articulate my dreams and desires and live forward with confidence and conviction.

Susan helped me get "out of my boots," rekindle my fire, and regain my mojo.

DM, Boston

The "lighthouse"...

I began working when Susan when my world was literally coming apart at the seams. Susan's coaching techniques have provided much needed emotional and spiritual support and guidance through what has felt like my own personal "dark ages".

Susan has been what I described to a friend as my "lighthouse."  She has stood in as a coaching light helping me to navigate very rough waters in uncertain times.  She has sat in the mess with me, helped me to stare down my boogie-men, and find personal peace even when chaos is at every side.




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