Meet Susan

Susan Westbrook is a down-to-earth, inspirational, internationally renowned personal coach and author. Her clients include individuals and business professionals in the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK. 

Susan has a long history working with people of all ages in both interpersonal and business adventures. She spent 30 years in educational settings where she was a classroom teacher, a school developer and Director, and a University Professor.

For the past 11 years, Susan has focused her professional efforts on coaching, healing, and writing.  Her recent book, The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life, is available from most internet booksellers.  Susan’s upcoming book, Dreams Lost, Wings Found: The Secret to Creating Happiness after Heartbreak, will be available in late 2017.

Susan will help you move forward in your life with compassion, wisdom, and love.  She believes personal losses and major life changes can either derail our lives or propel us into extraordinary new opportunities.  Susan uses her expertise as a teacher and coach to help her clients meet the challenges of loss and heartbreak head-on and emerge healthier and happier on the other side.

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What I Do


I spent 30 years of my life teaching and working with teachers.  I am a teacher by divine design and experience.  I am committed to learning all I can about "life" and finding meaningful ways to share that learning with my clients and workshop participants.

I am a coach.  I am committed to helping my clients move from "here" to "there."  From where they are to where they want to be.  From heartbreak to happiness.  From confusion to confidence.  From tragedy to triumph. 

I am a loss-to-life coach.  I am passionate about helping people who have suffered heartbreaking losses  use the lessons from those losses to build better, stronger, and healthier lives.  


Who I Do It For

I  smile and tell people my clients are "losers."

It's true.  They are.  My clients know what it is like to love something or someone with all their hearts...and watch it disappear.  Very often...other parts of their lives vanish as well.

My clients are people who have suffered a loss or life-altering change.  They may have chosen it or not.  They may see the "sense" in it or not.

All my clients make a commitment to themselves to not become lost in their loss.  They are willing to face the loss, feel the grief, and heal from the wounding.  As a result, they are able to create new, brilliant futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Why I Do It

Why choose a coaching specialty with so much hurt and heartbreak connected to it? 

For me "loss" is equal to "change with pain."  The pain is caused because we are forced to let go of things and people we love.  We know that is part of life.  And it still hurts.  We still get disoriented.  We still feel angry and depressed.

Under all that grief and pain  Love that can get covered up...even eaten all the change and heartache we are experiencing.

I work with heartbroken people because it is too easy to close our hearts when we hurt so much.   When our hearts close, the thing that gets swallowed up in our grief is the love we had for the person or thing we lost.  That love is precious and essential.  We need it in our families, businesses, churches, and communities.

It takes hard work to come back strong from a heartbreaking loss.  If you are willing to do it, you will not be the only person who benefits.  Your children, grandchildren, friends, and world are going to benefit as well. 

That's why I do the work I do.  It's my way of helping people keep their hearts open and their love flowing. 

As a result...I believe I am changing the broken heart at a time. 



Susan has a unique ability to see and understand the self-imposed limitations that prevent people from achieving their very best in their personal lives and careers. With compassion and empathy, she challenges her clients to take on their lives and not accept excuses that keep them from moving forward. She is a truly gifted life coach, mentor and teacher.

LinkedIn review by Mark Stewart, author of Names Will Hurt Me: Healing for Victims of Bullying

Got Trauma?  Get Susan...

Susan has helped me navigate the most traumatic event in my life.  I found working with Susan to be invaluable in helping me focus, find my purpose, articulate my dreams and desires and live forward with confidence and conviction.

Susan helped me get "out of my boots," rekindle my fire, and regain my mojo.

DM, Boston

The "lighthouse"...

I began working when Susan when my world was literally coming apart at the seams. Susan's coaching techniques have provided much needed emotional and spiritual support and guidance through what has felt like my own personal "dark ages".

Susan has been what I described to a friend as my "lighthouse."  She has stood in as a coaching light helping me to navigate very rough waters in uncertain times.  She has sat in the mess with me, helped me to stare down my boogie-men, and find personal peace even when chaos is at every side.