Did You See the Plan in the Moon This Morning?

In the last message…I confessed my mistake of assuming that upon moving to Colorado I could step in with the Self that got on the plane from Edinburgh to Denver. Turns out…that Self was not the Self that would be living in Colorado.  I overlooked the need to re-invent myself in the new world. I…

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Have Your Made This Mistake, Too?

  As we prepare to step into February…the month of love and lovers…the month the sun starts to make its way to light more of our days We are ending January with a lunar eclipse and a big, full “blue moon.” We are surrounded by beautiful natural phenomena, by change, by opportunity. And…I am wondering…

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Courageous Millennials: The Key to Staying in Your Life

As a coach, I get to work with incredible people.  My clients come from all age groups, socio-economic ranges, and geographical locations. One of the clients I have loved working with for the past two years is a “millennial.”  (In case you are not aware…millennials were born between 1982-2004.) This young client struggled getting through…

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