Susan is an amazing life coach. When I sit with her, I feel her genuine compassion and concern towards my situation, yet she is able to use just the right amount of firmness and directness to ask the questions that point me to what my soul is longing to say to me. After a session with Susan, I usually have emotional release and breakthrough and within a very short time, a new layer of my dream is manifested in my world. An incredible gift to this world. My life is forever changed for the better for knowing her. 

–SM, Yoga Instructor, NC, USA

Did Your Ever Have a Big Dream?

Conscious creation is the art of creating a reality that matches your deepest desires and Biggest Dream.

I teach my clients how to consciously create their reality and I support their journeys from the "here" of their present to the "there" of living out the reality of the Big Dreams they hold.

Sound like magic?

It is up to a point. is also a rational process that makes so much sense...we will be hard pressed not to believe it when we see it.

Consider two of the Biggest Dreamers in history...

The Wright Brothers are two of my favorite historical characters. And because I live in North Carolina...they are even more intriguing to me.  I have many times walked that strip of land on Kitty Hawk where Orville and Wilbur successfully flew in their flying machine on December 17, 1903.

One of those times I was broken-hearted and totally lost after a relationship loss that took away almost everything I had.  As I walked over the sandy grass in that space between the monument stones, I began to get a glimpse of what it would mean to have a dream and create something new.  I began to understand that we are not called to aspire to re-invent or re-create ourselves after change or loss.

Instead...we are gifted by the Creator to be able to create something new.  To invent ourselves.  To invent our reality.

In fact, we are the only creatures on the planet that have that skill.  We can create something amazing from our imagination, desire, and will.

We do that by creating Big Dreams. Just like Orville and Wilbur did.

How many people rolled their eyes when these two bicycle mechanics from Ohio told people they would soon be able to fly like the birds?

They had a Big Dream.  The two brothers had to move over many obstacles between the time they dreamed that Big Dream and the day they flew at Kitty Hawk.

The Wright Brothers created the reality that we now take advantage of...and take for granted...every time we step into an airplane.

These two unlikely Dreamers changed the world and the way people move about in it.

I learn so much from their story...

  1. All reality begins with a deep desire and a Big Dream that is outside our immediate grasp.
    • That reality may well draw criticism and disbelief from the people around us.
  2. All Big Dreams come to life one piece at a time.
    • Orville and Wilbur created the parts of their ultimately-successful flying machine by consciously working through all the issues and questions that came up in their work.
  3. Making reality from a Big Dream requires conscious, constant, inner work to stay in the process.
    • The Wright brothers moved through a myriad of challenges and roadblocks on their way to a successful flight.

If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance.

-Orville Wright-


Are You Ready to Create Something New?

You might not want to invent a flying machine...

...but you might want to have an extraordinary relationship or a stupendously successful business or write a best-selling book (one of my Big Dreams) or make a big change in your life that you have not been able to make up to now.

My clients are courageous people who are not willing to settle for what someone else tells them is "good enough."

They are OK with being "too big for their britches" and not being "satisfied with what they have."

They are going for the magic, for the Big Dreams, for the lives they know they are destined to live.







Susan Head 2

If you are ready to create something new...almost desperate to make a move beyond doing life and business as usual...

Then...let's have a conversation.  I offer free consultations.

All you have to do is connect and ask.

Who could the first step toward your own version of flying like the birds.

Many blessings,


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Rarely does someone lead me to the edge of my comfort zone. Not only does Susan confidently take me to the edge, she has me face the darkness, then helps me open my eyes so I can see what was once hidden. It's completely uncomfortable and entirely necessary for me to connect with my personal history and story.

Dawn Nocera

Luminary Coach and Author, USA

Susan has a unique ability to see and understand the self-imposed limitations that prevent people from achieving their very best in their personal lives and careers. With compassion and empathy, she challenges her clients to take on their lives and not accept excuses that keep them from moving forward. She is a truly gifted life coach, mentor and teacher.

Mark Stewart

Author of Names Will Hurt Me: Healing for Victims of Bullying

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