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Spring Deep Dive! Retreat

May 2018

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Radical Reformations Come from Our Willingness to Take Deep Dives into Our Old Stories

Join Susan and other coaches and healers for a week at the beach in the beauty and wildness of the North Carolina Outer Banks. 

You will leave feeling freer, refreshed, and ready to leap into your Radical Life Reformation.



(Registration Begins February 15, 2018)



Rarely does someone lead me to the edge of my comfort zone. Not only does Susan confidently take me to the edge, she has me face the darkness, then helps me open my eyes so I can see what was once hidden. It's completely uncomfortable and entirely necessary for me to connect with my personal history and story.

Dawn Nocera

Luminary Coach and Author, USA

Susan has a unique ability to see and understand the self-imposed limitations that prevent people from achieving their very best in their personal lives and careers. With compassion and empathy, she challenges her clients to take on their lives and not accept excuses that keep them from moving forward. She is a truly gifted life coach, mentor and teacher.

Mark Stewart

Author of Names Will Hurt Me: Healing for Victims of Bullying