Couple's Coaching Opportunity

Are You and Your Partner Longing for a Life and Relationship You Love...and Can Grow Into?

Does Your Relationship Need a Radical Make-Over?

Re-Invent Your Relationship and Create Your Remarkable Future in as Little as 6 Months

  • Re-Awaken Your Awareness of Your Truest Selves
  • Re-Write Your Old Hurtful Stories
  • Re-Invent Your Relationship from the Inside Out

Create Your Own Radical Relationship Paradigm

Are you and your partner looking for a light to guide you in the hard times?


Have you and/or you partner experienced a major loss or life change that has left you both wondering who you are and where your relationship is going?

Feel Change Coming?

Or perhaps a big change is on the horizon.  And you are worried that your relationship might not hold up under all the stress and change?

So Many Changes

A move? A baby? Retirement? A career change? Death of parent? Kids off to college?

Stuck in Space?

Even changes you choose or expect can leave you confused and unsure about who you are and what your relationship is about.  Your lives and your relationship can end up getting stuck in a tired old orbit that keeps you both feeling small, unhappy, and ineffective.

Ready for a Radical Option?

Don’t get trapped into a life or relationship that doesn’t fit you!  It’s time to create a RADICAL new blueprint for your lives individually and together that will change your present and radically impact your future.

Are You Ready?

Let’s do it!  Working with me you will not only dive deep into your old stories and finally free yourself from your “old” relationship orbit, you will learn how to create your Radical Relationship Paradigm to guide you both into lives you can love...and grow and live together remarkably in.

The Radical Results

At the end of 6 months (more if needed) of working with me, each of you will have the skills and confidence to Radically...

  1. Re-Awaken your awareness of your Truest Self – your NOW values, desires, and awareness – to set a solid foundation for making decisions and choices that best serve your Highest Good.
  2. Re-Write the old stories and Bust the Myths that your “old self” and “negative ego” tell you so you can stop compromising and procrastinating and live a happier, more successful life.
  3. Re-Invent yourself and create a vision for your future that fits who you are now and gives you plenty of room to grow.
  4. Re-Invent your relationship based on who each of you is NOW and how you will support each other as a couple.

When you are done...Each of you will have constructed your own personalized version of the Radical Personal Paradigm and together you will have created a Radical Relationship Paradigm that will guide you as you move forward into a new remarkable life together.

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What Your Radical Relationship Make-Over Project Includes (Monthly Coaching Package)

This guaranteed, super-supportive 6-12 month Radical Relationship Make-Over Coaching Project includes:

  • Two individual Radical Reformation coaching sessions (45 minutes) each month (1per person/month) where you will explore your own personal Awakening and Healing.
  • One “couples” Radical Relationship coaching sessions (60 minutes) each month where we will use your individual insights and growth to develop your Radical Relationship Paradigm.
  • Two 20-minute I Need Radical Help Now sessions each month to get support when you need it most.
  • Choice of one of my just-for-you Radical Reformation half-day (3-hr) couple’s virtual retreats to give you Radical support in the phase of the project you need it most:
    • Get Awake! This is an opening Discovery session to set the stage for exploring the depths of your Truest Self.
    • What’s Your Story? A Deep Dive to find the root of your wounding stories and where the residues are showing up in your relationship.
    • Create Your Radical New Paradigm! In-depth help with the step-by step creation of a blueprint for your life together that includes all the parts of who each of you are and all the dreams you have for your life together.
  • Tools and Strategies for identifying and re-writing your old stories
  • Specially-designed meditations and inspiring podcasts to help you find your center and awaken your awareness to your Truest Self
  • Rapid Radical Response email and text support for those minutes you feel your confidence waning.
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AND!  You will get these BONUS options, too!

  • BONUS: Free access ticket to the Fall 2018 “Deep Dive” retreat (held in November, optional)
  • BONUS: Free access to the Happy-No-Matter What: Six Steps to Creating More Happiness in Your Life self-study course

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What Susan's Clients Say

Susan and I have worked together for about 6 months. I appreciate the privileged relationship that we have developed. Susan is a coach who can guide me in areas where I would not go naturally. At first thought, what seems not easy becomes interesting, intriguing and powerful because on each session Susan demonstrates always her flexibility, determination, generosity and passion. F.L. - Executive Coach - Canada


Susan has a unique ability to see and understand the self-imposed limitations that prevent people from achieving their very best in their personal lives and careers. With compassion and empathy, she challenges her clients to take on their lives and not accept excuses that keep them from moving forward. She is a truly gifted life coach, mentor and teacher.

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