Did You See the Plan in the Moon This Morning?

In the last message…I confessed my mistake of assuming that upon moving to Colorado I could step in with the Self that got on the plane from Edinburgh to Denver.

Turns out…that Self was not the Self that would be living in Colorado.  I overlooked the need to re-invent myself in the new world.

I concluded the last message with…

STEP 1 to that re-invention is to STOP the action and focus on LISTENING to the inner depths of our Truest Selves.

It’s a strange paradox.

Be yourself…and you are not yourself.

How is that?

It’s a tricky one…but not a trick…

Like a moon that appears bigger or a different color than it usually does.  It’s where you are and what is in the atmosphere around you that creates an appearance that you are not you.

Shifts.  Changes.  Chaos.

We are always hopeful when beginning something new.

We are usually in grief when letting go of something old.

Either way…we are on a journey of discovering what else is inside of us.  Working with both what is and what want to be.

Early on in my work with loss and grief, I discovered that loss is a Divinely orchestrated gift that opens us to opportunities for our Highest purpose. I am not crazy about that notion.  Who wants to have to lose someone or something they love to grow into the fullness of who they are?

And…it makes sense.   Left to our own devices…we tend to become lazy about getting out of the Comfort Zone and into the Growth Zone.  Losses serve to give us a little push.

And…Any change is like that.  It doesn’t have to be a loss.  Something exceptional can be happening in our lives.  Even in the course of events around that “good thing” we will also be asked to re-define and re-invent ourselves to be able to fully take it on.

Either way…we are always having opportunities to learn more about our Truest Self…what opens space for it…and what shadows it.

Learning from Shadows

Diane and I got up at 3:45 am this morning, poured our coffee, and set off in the car to see the lunar eclipse.  The first total lunar eclipse since September 2015.  The first time since 1866, all the elements were in place in North America for us to see a “super blue blood moon.”  Thus…we decided it was worth giving up a little sleep to experience.  As we live at the edge of the Rockies…we had to get a little distance between us and the mountains to see the event to its completion.

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth moves between the sun and the moon.  We know the moon has no light of its own.  It needs the Sun so it can “shine”…and when the Earth passed between the two orbs early this morning…we saw a darkened, reddish moon. The red was there because it was reflecting back all the sunrises and sunsets occurring on Earth.  (I thought that was a cool fact!)

I will ask for a little patience from you while I weave together my “story,” the lunar eclipse, and Step 2 of our exploration of the steps to re-invent ourselves when changes come.  To enhance our awareness of the Truth of who we are.


Early this morning we witnessed a darkening of the moon caused by the blocking of the sun’s light as the Earth moved along its path.

Sounds like a life metaphor to me. We are doing our thing…everything seems pretty good…and then something blocks the light.  A change.  A loss.  A disappointment.  A new situation.

We may feel lost and in the dark.  Or like strangers in our own skin.  Things aren’t as we thought they would be.  Our expectations have not been not realized.

For a time…we may not see the light of possibility or joy.  For a time…the source of our light and energy may seem to be nonexistent.  We feel like we are living in a time of shadow, mystery, and uncertainty.

What we also know… is that the moon stays on its path.  It keeps being the moon.  Going around the Earth.  The Earth…stays on its path going around the Sun.   (The Sun being the center of things can just sit where it is.)

When the three orbs align…there is a change in the light and in the way we view the moon.  But the moon has not changed.  The Sun has not stopped shining.  It’s just that something has come in between the moon and the Sun.

As the three continue on their paths…the moon “comes out of it” and is once again an orb reflecting back the light it receives from the sun.

What does that have to do with our awareness in confusing times?  (I believe you already see it.) look together to explore the moon’s “story,” and draw from it hope and instructions for our own “dark nights.”


In ancient times…a lunar eclipse was frequently seen as a bad omen.  Of destruction.  Of impending calamity.  The people reacted to the event as though it was potential danger.

In one case, the darkening and reddening of the moon was interpreted as the moon being eaten by a jaguar in the sky…the blood being the result of its mortal wounds.

In such an interpretation, there is much fear.  The people beat drums and sticks and yelled to scare the jaguar away and preserve the moon.

(Sound familiar?  Just sayin’…)

For the sake of full disclosure…some cultures did view the process as a potentially positive event.  For more lunar eclipse history…Click Here.

As I said earlier, the eclipse phenomenon occurs as a result of both atmosphere and positioning.  Where the moon is and what is around it.

This is true for our “shadow” times as well.  Times where what is going on around us creates fear and uncertainty.  Where we feel the light go out of our lives and hearts.

Fortunately…although we might not always see it that way…our emotions give us vital clues in times of the shadow.

You might say, “Susan, when I am depressed and sad, or angry and resentful, I don’t see that as good thing.”

I get that. We have been taught that these are “bad emotions,” ones to be avoided.

Certainly, we prefer not to dwell in the depths of these low-resonance emotions.  AND…they are breadcrumbs, as Leza Danly of Lucid Living says, to our souls and to the resolutions of the “shadows” we are experiencing.

Those so-called “bad emotions” have the power to point us in the direction we need to look.  I will assume that this is part of a Master Design.  Because if we are not willing to look, we cannot change our direction or position.

  • Anger shows us boundaries that have been crossed
  • Resentment shows us places we have not felt seen or honored or fairly dealt with
  • Rage shows us where we feel invisible and powerless
  • Disappointment shows us where we have expectations that might need our attention
  • Sadness show us losses that we may have neglected grieving

Our emotions can be our teachers, our guides, our mentors.  These emotions are not seducing us to move in and mate for life.  They are like volunteers in “Information Booths.” We are meant to make our inquiries, receive directions, and then to go off in a positive direction.

Is that how you see them?  When you are feeling rage?  Do you tend to ignore it?  Or beat yourself up? Or do you sit down with your rage and ask it to show you where you need to look?

Like any friend…your rage…or whatever emotion you feel building up inside of you…wants your attention.  It wants to know you are listening.  Taking it seriously.

When you refuse to do so…try to ignore it…it will rise up and wail like a young child having a tantrum in the grocery store.  Except…it will be you having that tantrum.

(I am going to assume I am not the only person that has happened to.)

These emotional friends only persistently interact with us if we don’t respond to their guidance.  If we don’t sit down, get quiet, and say, “I am listening.  Please show me what I am missing.”


So…back in December.  When I was feeling depressed, sad, angry, and discouraged.  When I was so low I got sick, felt like throwing in the towel, and could not find anything good about what was happening in my life.  I knew those friends were calling me to look more deeply at what I was doing and why.

Those emotional breadcrumbs led me to the realization that I had to make a decision.  It happened at the end of our road trip from Colorado to North Carolina when the shadow covering me drove me to my mat and the 5 Tibetans to look my Truest Self fully in the face.


That is a good place to stop the stories today.  Let’s look at Step 2 in the process to re-invent ourselves when we experience change or loss on our path.

Step 2:  Enhance your awareness of where your emotions (all of them) are pointing you.

A good way to start that step is to take the “Signs of Change” Survey.  Just look for the butterfly on my website.  It will guide you.  After you take the survey, you will receive a set of “Zones” that will help you decide what your next steps might be.

Until next time.

Peace and light,


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