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I am passionate about bringing life messages alive for my clients and audiences.  With 4 decades of teaching, coaching, research, and leadership experience, I have mastered the art of helping my audiences find the "do-able" parts of even the most difficult inner work.



Resolutions that Stick:

Creating Success from the Inside Out

Offered as a full-day (or two 2.5 hour sessions) workshop

Living life trying to accommodate to OPS (Other Peoples’ Stuff) is a sure-fire way to end up with dead dreams and an unhappy, stuck life.   In this workshop, we will examine two approaches to life: Hard Work and Heart Work.  Participants will learn that Hard Work is characterized by the RIP strategy – Repress, Ignore, and Pretend.   Heart Work, on the other hand, emanates from our passion and heart’s desire. Participants will explore their values and desires and create a plan to accomplish a current dream based on Heart Work. 

Note: Other talks and workshops can be created around your organization’s needs.

Susan Head 2

It's very important to me that you know how much I appreciated the workshop at [post-incarceration program]. I have so much new found hope and empowerment from that. I am so inspired by what you do and just really want to tell you that just in that one day you have truly impacted me. Thank you so much.

Participant in Resolutions That Stick