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Moments of Musing

My (Susan's) reflections on loving a life worth living.

What We Can Learn From Kids and Crabs

By Susan Westbrook | Jun 5, 2019 |

What could we learn from kids and crabs? When we were kids, we looked forward to growing and changing.  Excited that we would not stay the same.  Not be stuck always small and dependent.  We knew growing and changing would allow us greater privileges and opportunities. Something strange happens as we get older.  We start…

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Someday It Will Be the Last Day

By Susan Westbrook | Jan 30, 2018 |

 (From: Writing in Italy, June 2017) It’s Wednesday.  The day the weekly pages go out to my subscribers.  The day I type up at least some of what has been written the week before to share with the people who are supporting this writing project. Today…because I know it’s Wednesday and I have typing to…

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Gecko In My Shoe

By Susan Westbrook | Jan 30, 2018 |

I saw it one afternoon.  About 4 inches long head to tail in the room I use for my 5 Tibetans practice, meditation, and afternoon typing. I had seen larger versions of it in the evening light on the outside wall of the house. In the US, I had only seen geckos on TV as…

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Courageous Millennials: The Key to Staying in Your Life

By LarahAdmin | Feb 1, 2017 |

As a coach, I get to work with incredible people.  My clients come from all age groups, socio-economic ranges, and geographical locations. One of the clients I have loved working with for the past two years is a “millennial.”  (In case you are not aware…millennials were born between 1982-2004.) This young client struggled getting through…

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